Marlo grover Founder of Marlo by Marlo

I'm Marlo, the Founder & Designer of Marlo by Marlo and this is my story so far...

I was a ballerina with a communications degree and growing up I would create my own outfits for the stage or for dream events I might someday attend. I'm self taught and entrepreneurial at heart; sampling each design in my debut collection myself from design, pattern to production. In 2018 I started sharing my designs on my personal social media and soon enough women from around the world were ordering hand made garments. I had developed a global audience for my designs so in November 2018 I left my senior agency role, dived into the deep end and launched Marlo by Marlo on the floor of my Sydney apartment.

More than just a brand, Marlo by Marlo is about creating a community of women that share that zest for chasing your dreams and making them a reality. They are #NaturallyDaring women who understand the pride and the challenge of what it is to be a woman. These clothes are designed to empower them on their way to greatness.

Your Purchase

Every garment purchased at Marlo by Marlo will support other women around Australia starting their own small businesses. While the community is aware of the distinct financial gap between start ups lead by women vs. men, the funding to these female lead start ups is stagnant and we’re here to change that.

That's why Marlo by Marlo will annually contribute a % from each garment sold to a fund within Australia that provides grants and support to women starting and leading in small business. If you’d like to know more or to get involved please contact us.


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