The Process

Made in Australia

Since its inception, Marlo by Marlo has been designed, patterned, cut, sewn and posted from Sydney, Australia. Attaching an ‘Australian Made’ label to each garment is something we take great pride in; we must support our local industries and we do that by working alongside a production team based in Sydney.

Making in Australia means we have direct access to our team of makers and we can see exactly where and how the garments are being produced - keeping a close eye on quality control. It also allows us to turn around designs and production to our customer much faster - eliminating the OS shipping process.
Marlo by Marlo in the making
We also work with Sydney design graduates to grow and pattern our releases to develop their skills and gain exposure to the fashion industry which can sometimes be a challenge to break in to.

All fibres used in each Marlo by Marlo release is sourced via Australian ‘rag traders’ who support makers overseas - as the business continues to grow we will be working more closely with fibre factories to ensure where we can we are using organic/sustainable fibres in safe working environments. 


Our Part

Half of our release is made-to-order, this means when you confirm your purchase, that's when the production starts to ensure we are creating garments for people who are going to invest in them and love them throughout seasons and years.

We love that you respect and understand the artistry that goes into making your Marlo by Marlo piece. Your short wait means we can deliver you a garment that has been made just for you! And we know that it’s going to last you seasons.

The other half of our release is ready-to-wear, this means we produce limited sizes in these garments to ensure we aren’t overproducing clothing to sit in a warehouse and be discounted in the future or end up in landfill.

90% of our release is natural fibre which has a long life span and can break down easily at the end of its life. This allows our garments to be worn year after year prolonging the lifespan of a garment and minimising purchase of additional garments. It also means you have the opportunity to upcycle your garment in the future or pass it on so it can last generations.

Our approach to business means we minimise waste of materials, transportation, production of fibres and ensures we can continue to bring you quality, handcrafted Australian Made clothing that will empower you to live your best life.



Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword, it's the new normal and in doing ‘our part’ we need to ensure that we are also delivering garments that are packaged and protected beautifully for you and for the environment.

We use recycled paper and cardboard, produced here in Australia for our thank you cards and garment swing tags. We wrap your garments by hand in recyclable, acid free tissue paper using sustainably harvested wood pulp and printed using soy ink made here in Australia and seal it with a recycled paper sticker using soy ink.

We then box or bag them in a recyclable box made with recycled materials or in a fully biodegradable and compostable Australian produced satchel that doubles as a mailbag so your garment can arrive safely to its destination.

No Issue Sustainability

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